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One disadvantage of Sweden is that we have several different TV operators offering different subscriptions – there is no place to collect everything in the same place. One’s favorite programs can be divided into the various Swedish operators’ channel lists, which means that it will be very expensive to collect everything. However, we have the solution for those who love TV – we have collected all of the best channels in the same place, and not only Swedish, but also others in Europe. For those who love TV, this is the perfect solution. We offer many of the largest channels in, for example, England, where there are lots of TV channels. There is always something for everyone – whether you like sports, comics, movies or reality. SKY UK is one of the largest television providers in the world, with something for all tastes.

Although you live in Sweden, it is fully possible to access SKY UK without any major problems. We do not think geography will limit your TV habits, but strive for all consumers to get to know all the TV offers available. The UK, with its approximately 65 million inhabitants, offers something for everyone, and we want to let you enjoy the fun. There are over 300 channels available in English, which means a lot more than is present in Sweden today.

It works perfectly if you’re a football fan, for example – Barclays Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the world, and there are a lot of channels in England that follow this up. Even the other, slightly lower football leagues are covered by the huge range. There is no stop at the pleasure – there are channels for all sorts of movies, series and events. Why not follow news releases that go 24/7 on any of the popular British news channels? Always keep up to date what’s happening in the world with high-quality news reporting right from England.

In order to take part in the offer, only one satellite receiver is required. Via Astra 28.2 ° & 28.5 ° East, you can enjoy the TV channels, which usually have very good reception in Sweden. We recommend using 130-150 cm satellite dish as a minimum. However, we recommend that you speak with a technician before ordering to ensure the correct conditions for receiving our channels. Sometimes the strength of the reception can vary, and therefore you want the best conditions. There are some restrictions that may arise – as far as BBC, ITV and BT Sports are concerned, you may have some problems with the reception. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Of course, you also need a box for English TV, which you can easily order with us so you can get started as soon as possible with your new TV package. You do not need an English address or an English bank account to enjoy the huge range of UK offers, you can easily use a Swedish address and credit card to place your order – we will do all the work for you so you can sit back and so Eventually see all the amazing English channels available.

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