Sky UK in Austria

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Sky UK in Austria

Do not miss the variety of TV channels in English and get even more entertainment with SKY UK in Austria and countless British TV channels on your TV. Thanks to modern satellite technology, this works in combination with the right equipment within a short time and without any problems.

The right dish for English television in Austria …

To ensure a smooth reception of all TV channels in English, the choice of the right dish on your roof plays a very important role. To be able to enjoy SKY UK in Austria, we recommend the installation of a modern satellite dish with a diameter of at least one meter on the roof. A perfect reception of the programs is guaranteed. We ask that you always get advice from a TV technician if you are not sure about the requirements. You may need a much bigger dish for some channels.

Of course, TV-side, the right hardware ensures you experience live English television in Austria. The very modern Sky HD Box offers you the best conditions, many useful functions and excellent picture quality. In combination with the obligatory Sky Viewing Card,  you can start with the enjoyment of the English television on Sky UK.

Numerous stations and included services await you

You receive British TV channels via Sky UK in a very wide variety. Hundreds of channels, including dozens in brilliant HD quality, are available to you depending on the booked and selected package at leisure. With a total of five different tariffs, the right thing for you should be included. Of course, this offer includes the largest cover of the British Premiere League, only waiting for you to experience live and in vivid HD. Interesting documentaries, series and films await you on the many other channels and provide plenty of variety and entertainment.

In order to receive and enjoy English television in Austria, neither an English address nor an English bank account is necessary!

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