sky uk equipment

All you need to know about watching
and receiving SKY UK

Sky UK is available via satellite on 28.2° ASTRA 2. We expect you have a satellite dish installed and
receiving ASTRA 2 when you order Sky UK from us. Important: none of the Sky HD boxes support
DiSeq. If this is an issue, please contact us before you order.

Check below to learn about the different receiver boxes and bundles we offer…

latest sky hd
with Wifi

Now € 199 – save € 100 vs. our regular RRP of € 299 All you need to start enjoying Sky TV. A modern, wifi enabled Sky HD box with remote control and all cables and our award winning industry best customer support. Check detailed description and/or email us with questions before you order. Our Terms and Conditions apply. You need to have a Sky Card already for this offer.

UK VPN Router
UK IP VPN Router - the perfect addition to your SKY HD

Enjoy free OnDemand services, CatchUp TV, Box Office, over 300 Box Sets, PPV Movies – all this and more available now anywhere in Europe with our custom built VPN router. With Wifi and four network ports, our VPN Router automatically provides a VPN to any device connected to it.