Sky UK in Spain

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Watch Sky UK in Spain

Do you love English TV because you’ve lived there and you miss it? Do you like to listen to the TV in the original language to practice your English? Do you find the dubbing uncomfortable? The option of looking for an English channel on the internet becomes cumbersome because the quality in which it is seen is bad and it is constantly interrupted.

What you need is SKY TV from the UK to see it without advertising on banners that invade your screen and not go crazy at the last minute to watch a football game in the league.

The programming option you were expecting is available in Spain, because with SKY, the now famous TV provider of last generation, you can have English TV on your home television. No more programs dubbed into Castilian but in its original language and with the voices of the presenters and rapporteurs stars of British television.

Exclusive and Premium content

Through Sky you will access more than 300 channels with different content: news, soap operas, series, movies, sports, musicals, children’s and much more.
If you are a soccer fan you will have the English premier league live and with matches reported by the UK’s top stars. Series and comedies broadcast on English television and you can now have them on your screen without having to wait for the streaming companies to deign to include them in the programming or your cable provider to show them with much delay.

How does it work

The reception works via satellite, through a satellite dish with the proper installation, the British TV channels come directly to your living room. Although we guarantee an optimal reception, it is always necessary to consult with a technician about reception issues to be sure that you have all the possibilities of installation for SKY in your house or apartment.

Quality and Reception

The reception of the signal is impeccable and you will not have interruptions in the transmission or signal problems, since it arrives via satellite.
There are more than 80 programs that can be viewed in HD if you order the HD package together with the UK SKY programming service

Administrative process

Both the order and the payment are easily possible with a Spanish address and a Spanish credit card, or a credit card from any other country. You complete your subscription online today and very fast you will have television in English.

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