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Watch Sky UK in France and all over Europe!

Sky UK formerly known as British Sky Broadcasting Limited is a telecommunications company broadcasting to the entire territory of the United Kingdom. Sky made available to its British customers, whether they were mere private consumers, or businesses, Internet television and broadband services, fixed and cellular telephone services.
Even if you are not a subject of his gracious majesty, and you live in France, you can enjoy the services of Sky UK and many other British pay television services. In fact, Sky UK as a leader in the field of digital television since 1996, will always have solutions to the key.

So, if you want to watch British TV via Sky UK Abroad, know that it’s possible. Even more, it’s simple, practical and powerful. All services are available.

BT Sports on Sky UK in France and available upon request, catch up and online services, in other words you can watch or catch up with “to catch” the program. However, this will only work if your Sky UK box in France is connected to an Internet VPN network. If you connect it to the Internet at home, it will not work. We put at your disposal a device that makes the connection possible. It is a very powerful device, very reliable and works perfectly well for a long time in several houses of our customers.

Sky UK – enjoy all channels in France
If it is on the Sky UK platform, you can order it via our website. It’s very simple: if you want to connect to a channel that is broadcast in the UK as part of Sky UK, either directly from Sky or through another channel, you can order it via Sky UK of our site. You will still need a Sky Viewing card and therefore a Sky TV subscription in France, but then the channels can be ordered and added to your free will.

British television Sky in France also offers rich entertainment, varied with unimaginable performances, high quality. You can access the Entertainment package, which includes more than 70 unpublished, non-free channels, including documentaries and children’s programs. Plus, you can feast every month on exclusive Sky Atlantic with the broadcast of a drama movie.
For any additional information, we will always be at your disposal every day of the week without exception, as you can call, send an email or use our online chat.

Sky UK is on ASTRA 2 at the 28.2 ° position, but please make sure you can receive it before ordering.
Now, is the ideal solution. For decades, has enabled Sky UK customers in France to watch British television.
All the necessary information is available online, but we also invite you to contact us.
Sky UK exists throughout Europe and especially in France. English satellite television is possible and available wherever you are in Europe. You can take advantage of more than 300 English-language television channels, right at home. Our service is of high standing which has established our reputation and our authority in the field of digital television. You can follow the prestigious league of champions, as if you were at the stadium so the immersion is total, perfect thanks to the impeccable quality of our signal.

Subscribe easily with,  you will not need an address or bank account in the UK.
All orders are delivered by world leaders in transportation and logistics UPS or DHL, which are fast, reliable, secure and traceable.
Customer service is available 7 days a week via online chat, email and phone, but this hotline is only available during business days.
You can purchase useful Sky Viewing Cards to view premium channels on SKY HD such as Sky Sports HD, Sky HD Movies, SKY Entertainment HD and more.
The latest Sky UK Plus HD Decoders in France are available in 500 GB and 2 TB formats and allow you to record SKY HD broadcasts.

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