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Watch Sky UK in Germany – Enjoy an abundance of channels in brilliant quality.

Of course, the selection of TV on German TV is still unbroken today. In addition, thanks to state-of-the-art service providers such as Sky DE, you have the option of adding more channels to your portfolio on your TV set.

This not only gives you more channels, but also gives you access to exclusive, exciting and entertaining channels and content that you would otherwise have to do without. Of course, English broadcasters are also very popular. Especially friends of the English Premiere League live, movies and series in original version will find exactly the right offer from Sky UK.

With Sky UK in Germany, you get English television in Germany on your TV at home.

How this works exactly, what advantages you can expect and which British TV channels are a good choice, we would like to elaborate here.

Television in English and TV from the United Kingdom – here is Sky UK in Germany.

Great preparations for the reception of the television channels in English are basically not necessary. The reception works via satellite, a satellite dish with the appropriate installation and dish size must therefore be present in any case.

Via Astra 28.2 ° & 28.5 ° East, British TV channels come directly into the living room, if you have just the aforementioned satellite dish on the roof. Attention: DiSeq is not supported by any of Sky’s HD boxes. Since the signal strength in Germany is generally very good, no special alignment or precautions are necessary.

Nevertheless, we recommend a dish size of about 130 centimeters in the east, while due to the stronger signal in western Germany a dish of only 90 centimetres should do the trick. But we strongly advise you to consult with a local technician BEFORE ordering. Reception and signal strength vary sometimes drastically and we want, of course, that you are satisfied with your product.

In order to receive and enjoy English television in Germany, neither an English address nor an English bank account are necessary!

Both the order and the payment are easily possible with a German address and a German credit card – or a credit card from any other country for that matter. In addition, the reception is generally no problem in all German cities and regions, slight restrictions are to be expected when receiving Sky UK in Germany in some regions in eastern Germany. Especially BBC, ITV and BT Sports can not be easily received in parts of Germany. Talk to us if you have any questions.

Of course, you also need a receiver or a reception box for English television in Germany. You can order the Sky + HD boxes right away when you order the new TV package to enjoy in your own home, so that nothing stands in the way of a quick and successful start to the world of TV channels in English.

What services can you expect?

  • The diversity of the channels is not only very large in Germany, but even larger in England. And that is exactly why there is a lot of variety here and by far the most exciting entertainment in Europe. Among other things, the package contains over 300 channels with different content, which you can receive with the offer of Sky UK in Germany.
  • Thanks to the modern technology you not only generally benefit from a very good reception quality, but you can look forward to many more features. Among other things, over 80 programs in impressive HD quality are available. With the right TV set (connection via HDMI) thus ensuring brilliant pictures in every room.
  • Experience the English league (Premier League) live? Even then Sky UK in Germany is the right variant. Because the English league live can also be received here with all matches and exciting events, this is included on request in the new Sky Sports package.

Would the reception of Sky UK in Germany be the right supplement to the already existing TV program? We are looking forward to your questions.

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