Sky UK in Italy

Puoi leggere questo testo qui in italiano

How to Watch Sky from Italy.

Today you can have all the Sky UK channels available on your television in Italy, with the best quality and the vast selection of UK programming.

Thanks to Sky’s services, you can also add British channels to your recorded list on the TV, accessing not only more programs, but also exclusive and unmissable content: sports, movies, news and entertainment programs.

In fact, English television is famous all over the world: from journalistic information to sport, with direct and in-depth analysis of the Premier League, documentaries, all movies and TV series in the original language.

With Sky UK, English television arrives directly at your home. But let’s see how it works, what are the advantages and what programs are most watched by UK viewers.

Sky Uk in Italy? Simple, let’s find out together.

First we start from the base: the reception of English TV channels works via satellite, so it is necessary, as for Sky Italia, a satellite dish installed and pointed correctly at ASTRA II 28.2 °. The signal strength in Italy is very good, no further measures or additional equipment will be required. In any case, our advice is to consult a technician to ensure that the reception and signal strength are sufficient, as they may vary from area to area.

As for the Sky UK subscription from Italy, despite the Brexit and the news at European level, it is not necessary to own neither an English bank account nor a billing address on the island of Her Majesty the Queen. The order of the package and the payment can in fact be made with an Italian address and a credit card of any country.

Obviously we will need a decoder to receive the signal of English television, and if you do not already have it you can immediately order the Sky + HD box together with the TV package, to enjoy Sky UK programming right from your sofa at home. or the most exciting and complete TV offer in Europe.

We speak of over 300 channels: the most well-known journalistic information in the world, the stage of great English football, sitcoms, movies, TV series in the original language, just like a real British TV viewer. In addition to the great quality and brilliance of Sky images, you will find over 80 programs broadcast in HD.

Do you want to live the emotions of the Premier League live? With the Sky Sport Sky UK package, today it is possible! But from the sofa at home we can also watch the BBC news, in addition to all the documentaries, TV series and movies, to train our English and not lose even a nuance of the original version.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Sky Uk now and start watching the best TV in Europe!

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