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Watch Sky UK Catch Up and On Demand Abroad

Included for free in all of your Sky UK subscriptions
…yet it will only work if your Sky UK box is connected to a so-called VPN internet. If you connect it to your internet at home, it will not work at all. We have a device making it possible. It works extremely well, is very reliable and has been running for years in many of our customer’s houses.
Great Service For All Sky UK Subscribers Abroad: Enjoy free OnDemand services, CatchUp TV, Box Office, over 300 Box Sets, PPV Movies – all this and more available now anywhere in Europe with our custom built VPN router. With Wifi and four network ports, our VPN Router automatically provides a VPN to any device connected to it.
So, not only do you finally open ALL interactive services on your Sky HD box, you also enjoy these benefits:
  • Watch UK TV on your TV, computer, Xbox, Playstation, Freesat HDR, Wii, IOS or Android device (or any device with a web browser that can use WiFi)
  • Benefit from using BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4, Demand 5 etc.
  • Access UK websites that only provide content if you are based in the UK.
  • Enter UK only online competitions and play the National Lottery

Never miss the start

Catchup on over 60

1000 movies on

Over 350 box sets

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Connect anything with wifi

Order Sky Sports Box Office last minute & record

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Sounds complicated? It isn't -
let us help you.

All Existing AllPayTV Sky UK subscribers and new customers already owning a Sky Box and Card, please click here to send us an email and inquire for a VPN solution.

New customers looking for the complete deal, click below to order a Sky Card, wifi Sky HD box and VPN Router for an unbeatable price:

NowTV VPN Bundle