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Do you miss a decent way to watch the Premier League in the Netherlands, just at home on the couch? You probably already pay hefty monthly fees for Ziggo, KPN or, but you still can not enjoy English football or Rugby. Are you wondering how you can watch Sky sports in the Netherlands very affordable? Read on!

How do I receive English TV channels in the Netherlands?

Through you can order a satellite subscription with which you will receive Sky UK in the Netherlands. This gives you always access to all Premier League matches in the best quality, without having to endlessly (and without result) zap along all your channels.

Most English TV channels in the Netherlands that you receive via a standard cable subscription are BBC 1 and BBC 2. Very good channels, but unfortunately the BBC does not broadcast the popular sporting competitions. For that you have to be able to receive real English TV channels in the Netherlands like Sky Sports.

With Sky TV Nederland you get access to the best channels with not only a lot of sport but also fantastic news programs and entertainment. The best series and documentaries of English TV channels can now also be watched in the Netherlands.

How does Sky TV work in the Netherlands?

Because Sky TV Nederland is being broadcast via satellite, it is necessary to have a satellite dish. This antenna must be tuned to the ASTRA II satellite at 28.2 °. After this you can enjoy all TV channels from Sky. Have you ever been looking for a way to watch Sky Sports in the Netherlands, without having to go to an English pub? Make sure that you first install a satellite dish of at least 130-150 cm in diameter. We advise you to call in a technician so that you are assured of the best connection and thus the best quality English TV in the Netherlands.

In addition to a satellite dish, you also need a receiver for English TV in the Netherlands. You can order the Sky + HD Box from us so that nothing stands in the way of receiving English TV of the highest quality directly in your living room.

What can I expect from Sky Netherlands?

If you are a football fan then Sky sports Netherlands is a top service in advance. The Barclays Premier League is therefore also live in the Netherlands on your own TV. You get access to the largest sports tournaments in the world, and many high-quality other TV programs. Never miss the best films, series and entertainment programs with Sky TV in the Netherlands.

There is no Dutch cable provider offering such a comprehensive and comprehensive package with sports, news and entertainment. Do you want to receive Sky sports in the Netherlands? And as a football fan you never get bored again? Even matches from the lower divisions in England are broadcast by Sky.

More than 80 programs in an impressive HD quality are available with Sky UK Netherlands. With a good TV connected via HDMI you receive the most beautiful images in the highest quality anywhere in your house.

Order directly or learn more

Are you convinced of the enormous advantages of Sky TV in the Netherlands via satellite? Or do you have any questions about our fantastic service? Please contact us directly. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you set up your subscription. Are you crazy about TV of the best quality and do not want to miss anything of the Premier League in the Netherlands? Then immediately take out a subscription via All Pay TV and enjoy more than 300 channels from Sky TV in the Netherlands.

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