Meet our dedicated yacht TV department

Sky UK for Yachts

With over 400 channels and over 50 in HD – Sky TV is the #1 English pay-TV in Europe. We have a dedicated division to provide this excellent source of entertainment to yachts.

We offer true 24/7 customer support for our yacht customers with an average response time of under 30 minutes. We offer exclusively fully flexible Sky UK subscriptions which do not have to run the usual 12 month contract but only 30 days, saving you money on subscriptions when you do not need them. This is the no. 1 solution for Sky UK on yachts.

All Sky UK subscriptions are managed and serviced in house. All Sky HD in stock and delivered anywhere in 1-2 business days via UPS Express.


SKY STREAM offers unmatched TV entertainment accessible worldwide through high-speed internet (10 MBit/s minimum). With our service, you can enjoy an extensive selection of channels and on-demand content, even in remote locations. This is especially interesting when combined with STARLINK Maritime.

SKY STREAM is a revolutionary system that provides SKY UK (BBC, ITV, 9 Sky Sports, 5 BT Sport, Hundreds of premium Sky Channels, Sky Movies, over 1000 movies on demand, 300 box sets and much more)  using high-speed internet on yachts. It utilises high bandwidth internet technology such as STARLINK MARITIME to deliver a reliable and uninterrupted connection to the World’s best TV. With SKY STREAM, yacht owners and guests can enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, music, and more, all while cruising the open waters.

SKY STREAM, the ultimate TV solution for yachts and the maritime industry. Get in touch for more information. If you can’t wait – click this link to know more:

Sky Italia for Yachts

Sky Italia is THE alternative for Sky UK when cruising out of footprint. It is on Hotbird 13° and has a better reception footprint than Sky UK. It can be received easily all over the Med with a 60cm dish. If you are travelling the south of Italy, Greece, Turkey and the likes and/ or have a smaller dish, this is a good solution. All movies and shows originally recorded in English can be changed to English. Sky Italia comes with a large HD bouquet and an HD receiver as a standard. Sky Italia on yachts is a great solution to have working pay-TV anywhere in the Med.

We have serviced hundreds of SKY IT subscriptions and can recommend this service as a good alternative to Sky UK.

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