SkyNow.TV now is called

Same Team - Same Great Service - New Name

German Sky Service

1996 - 2006

It all started in Hamburg, Germany and naturally we called it “German Sky Service”


2006 - 2017 – reflecting more what we stood for. Our customers came from all over Europe and they wanted “Sky” and they wanted it when? “now”

2017 - today

We truly offer the best customer service in the industry. All inquiries are replied to and worked within 12 hours but during the day in Europe in under 2 hours. All orders placed with us are shipped the next business day. 

AllPayTV because that’s what we deliver: any Pay-TV you can think of, we offer it or can help you get it.

SkyNow.TV now is called

Since its inception, SkyNow.TV has grown rapidly to nowhere closer than the place it is today – a top rated Pay TV provider with a huge number customer base outside of the UK . With SkyNow.TV, you had the opportunity to Watch English TV abroad on stations like Sky UK from anywhere in the world as well other popular on-demand entertainment and sports options like Sky Sports. A five star-rated service that offered unrivaled entertainment, be it from live football to the must-see movies or the best of series like Game of Thrones.

Known for our top-notch customer service and technical experience, our customers were always guaranteed satisfactory service with SkyNow.TV (formerly German Sky Service), which is now and with, our customer can be rest assured on the continuation of this tradition of excellence.

Still the same great service, same team, same goal of serving you the best and unrivaled entertainment through our exceptional PayTv services.

Thousands of customers still enjoy our Digital Video Recorders and Smart TV Services thanks to our top quality video, audio technology and high-speed internet that are 100 times faster than the average connection making it possible for our customers to connect to the web seamlessly.

With, your PAYTV enjoyment can only get better.