This screen does not support HDCP

HDCP enables a signal to be sent between your Sky HD box and TV. This notification may indicate that the signal has failed, or that there’s a problem with the equipment.

If your TV has another HDMI socket, disconnect the HDMI cable from the current HDMI input and try another. If your Sky HD box is connected to a speaker system, AV receiver or device other than your TV, try connecting your HDMI cable directly to your TV instead. Also try another HDMI cable all together.

If your picture looks normal, there may be a problem with the device you’ve just disconnected. Contact the manufacturer for advice.

If you’re still having problems, try the steps below:

Hard Reset

– switch off your digibox

– pull the plug for power supply

– find the button BACKUP at the front panel of the digibox, press it and hold it pressed

– with the button BACKUP still held pressed you put in the power plug

– hold BACKUP pressed until you see all lights at the front panel of the digibox flash for about 2 sec (Important: This might take 10 secs to happen)

– release BACKUP and wait 10 minutes

– The digibox is now downloading the latest software version and should operate perfectly thereafter.