News About Sky Q in Europe

Sky Q was introduced to customers in 2017 and of course we would love to sell this product as well.

At the moment, Sky Q has to be installed in the UK house of the customer by a certified Sky engineer and only then will they activate the UHD service.

There is no other way and no 2nd market. We do not know if and when this will change.

It is because of this, that there is no way to get SkyQ and 4K/UHD service from Sky UK outside of the UK right now. Of course, there is demand and we want to sell this as much as you are interested in buying. We will keep you posted.

However, we are currently testing the smaller 1TB units which do not support 4K/UHD but they do support multi room via wifi. Return to this page. We hope to have updates in the first quarter of 2018.

In the meantime, check our other wonderful products: