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Before you subscribe (SATELLITE)

What if my landlord won't let me set up a dish?

By law, you must be granted access to satellite TV under certain circumstances. This right is provided under the “Freedom of Information Act” in the EU law and must be granted in all EU member countries. Speak with your landlord and ask where and how to set up a dish to disturb others the least. This is NOT a binding legal advice. If he or she is unwilling to help or even allow a dish, speak with your lawyer.

What Do I need?

For Sky UK you will need a credit card (Mastercard, Eurocard or Visa), a satellite system has to be pointed to ASTRA 28.2° and a skybox with an active Viewing Card that can be ordered through us.

Sky plus functions (record one channel while watching another) will only work if you connect your SkyHD box to your dish with two cables (instead of one) using a so-called twin- or quad-LNB.

All other pay-TV (Sky Italia and all the others) all are prepaid and subject to different conditions. Please send us an email to find out more.

Please check with us before you order to make sure you have the satellite installation required to receive the service you want.

What if I don't have a credit card?

If you do not have a credit card, you can still order SKY UK from us paying by invoice. However, the monthly subscription to Sky UK does require a credit card. If you do not have one available for this, we can switch your Sky UK to prepaid, i.e. invoice you for the subscription and pay it for you. To pay via invoice, please do NOT order online but contact us to order.

All other subscriptions we offer do not require a credit card at all – they are all prepaid.


Who do I contact if I need help?

Please always contact us. We do everything and take care of everything for you.

Call us on +44 203 384 26 39

Email us on info@allpaytv.com

How can I change my payment details?

The easiest way to update your CC details is via our secure SSL encrypted support page.
You can also either email us to call you , or call our offices on +44 203 3842639 during normal working hours.

Our fax number is +44 203 3842640

Why do you not show prices of all of your Pay TV offers?

Some of our offers are quite exotic and we do not hold them in stock. We work with partners and agencies all over the World to source 100% reliable and working services. We have made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. Also subscription based TV has a lot of changes in pricing, offers and contract terms.

This means that when you inquire for some of our products, we have to get the latest prices and conditions for you. This is done on demand and usually the same day.


How do you ship?

We ship using UPS, with UPS Express on request and DHL. Some more complicated shippings may go through a different carrier but this we will discuss with you. Shipping is insured and safe.

Can we arrange other forms of shipping more convenient for me?

Absolutely! Just email us and we are sure we find the perfect solution for you.


If I do not like what you sent me, can I return it?

Yes, of course! If we have not shipped your item, you can cancel your order at any time.

Items shipped to you can be returned for a refund of the purchase price within 14 days from receipt of the order. No questions asked. The buyer pays return shipping.

Could not find the answers you were looking for? Help is only an email or phone call away!

Please write us at info@allpaytv.com

or call us on +44 203 384 26 39                             (Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm)